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Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District

Availability of Service Charge (ASC)

The Availability of Service Charge (ASC) was adopted in March 2012 in order to assist with defraying the costs of both interest and principal of Series 2011 Enterprise Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds.  The Bonds were issued to finance the acquisition of ditch and/or water rights along with other related water and wastewater system assets.

The ASC revenues shall be applied solely to the payment of the District’s bond obligations and shall not be used for any other purpose.  The ASC will be assessed against all lots where water, sewer or both water and sewer main lines are installed and ready for connection within one hundred feet (100’) of the property line of such lot.  The ASC does not apply to lots on which exists an improvement that is connected to existing District water and/or sewer main lines.

The 2018 ASC charges are - $75.00 for both water and sewer; $57.00 for water only; $18.00 for sewer only. ASC charges are assessed per lot.