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Development Services

System Specifications
Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District

System Specifications

Development Services provides information about the processes and procedures for development and construction within the District Service Boundaries.

Land Developers, Engineers, or Contractors interested in any construction, enlargement, alteration, relocation, removal, abandonment, conversion, demolition, repair, or excavation of any Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District water or wastewater infrastructure including public or private are required to comply with the requirements outlined in the System Specifications and the Rules and Regulations which can be found under About the District.

The requirements and processes for inclusion of land into the District or water availability, referred to as Supplemental Water, for new developments can be found in the Rules and Regulations.

Property Owners, Building Contractors, or Building Owners interested in obtaining water and sewer service are required to obtain a tap permit before installing a new service tap on a District main or connecting to a service line stub out.  The residential and commercial tap permit applicationscan be found under Customer Services.

System Specifications

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Title, Purpose, Scope, Definitions, and General Conditions
  • Chapter 2 - Procedures
  • Chapter 3 - Design Guidelines
  • Chapter 4 - Plan & Profile Requirements
  • Chapter 5 - Construction Procedures
  • Appendix A - Standard Construction Specifications
  • Appendix B - Standard Construction Details
  • Appendix C - Supplemental Information
  •  Water and Sewer Service Line Equipment
  •  Commercial Water Service Sizing
  •  Commercial Sewer Service Sizing

 The System Specifications apply to:

  • Land Planning & Entitlement Actions
    • Subdivision Plats (Preliminary or Final)
    • Replats
    • Lot Line Vacations or Adjustments
    • Zoning
    • Master Plans
    • Concept Plans
    • Development Plans
    • PUD Plans
  • Land Development Plans
    • Water Plan and Profile
    • Sanitary Sewer Plan and Profile
    • Utility Service Plan (Commercial Only)
  • Utility Infrastructure Construction and Acceptance
    • Public Water Mains
    • Public Sanitary Sewer Mains
    • Water and Sewer Service Stub-Outs
  • Private Improvements and Acceptance
    • Building Permit Approval Procedure
    • Water and Sewer Service Line Construction