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When should my bill be paid?
Bills are mailed out on or around the 10thof each month are due on receipt and are past due after the last day of the month. 


Why is there a base charge on my bill?
The District has a base monthly charge which reflects the amount it costs the District to open its doors to serve you.  Rate Schedule     


Why is my bill so high?
If you believe that your water bill is too high, you should first check for a water leak in your home.  The water meter is usually located in the mechanical room and measures all water flow into the home.  A water meter would actually record less water usage due to mechanical wear rather than over-read water that went through the meter. 


What does "final bill" mean?

When you move from your home, a final bill will be rendered for the portion of the month that you lived in your house.  If you have sold your house, an estimated amount will be collected at closing.  After that, you will either receive a small bill or a refund check when the actual calculation has been made.  Please be sure that we have your forwarding address.


What's the average bill on a property?
The average usage on a property varies with different family sizes and water use habits, including outdoor watering.  The average bill is currently $73.00 per month, which does not include the RWIF.


Does the District accept credit cards?
To pay with a credit card or electronic check you can access the Xpress Bill Pay located on the home page.


What methods of payment are accepted?
The District accepts payment in the form of cash, personal check, credit card, money order, or auto-draft.


Why is there a past due amount on my bill when I already paid?
Payments received after the Due Date are not reflected on the current billing statement. This does not mean that you did not pay your bill however the payment may have been posted to your account after the current billing statements were prepared.