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Water Smart Gardening
Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District

Water Smart Gardening Education Project

The Water Smart Gardening Education Project is part of the 4-million-gallon-per-day (mgd) South Water Treatment Facility on approximately 1.2 acres of land.  The water treatment facility is located at 17250 Leggins Way, an ideal location for the Garden, as it has become part of the surrounding residential community.  The Garden serves the communities between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs and has been designed around the area’s own unique terrain, elevation, and climate.  The Garden is meant to educate the community on water conservation and serve as a model for water smart landscaping.

Included in the Garden are sixty-one water-efficient plants and trees labeled with specific information, interpretive materials including brochures and plant lists, and grouping of similar plants and trees by water needs.  The Garden demonstrates a variety of smart landscaping, maintenance, and water uses.  Different types of Xeriscape, landscaping that promote water conservation, will be explained.  Xeriscape plants that are drought tolerant will be compared to other Xeriscape plants that cannot tolerate drought conditions.  The various landscapes that the District area covers will be addressed.





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