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There are specific requirements within the District’s Rules and Regulations regarding the property owner’s obligations and responsibilities when water and sewer services are provided for tenants of a property.  The bill for water and sewer services provided to a property is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner rather than the person(s) listed on the account.  For example, when a property is vacated and there is an outstanding water and wastewater bill, that bill remains the responsibility of the property owner.  The District will send a final bill to the person(s) on the account but the property owner remains obligated to satisfy the outstanding balances, including any and all fees e.g. late fees, disconnect fee, returned check charges, etc.  In order for the District to be able to discuss information with the property owner regarding tenant account history such as any outstanding balances, property owners are encouraged to have the tenant complete the District Tenant & Owner Authorization Form.  Without this authorization the only notification the property owner will receive is a disconnect notice for non-payment.   


 pdficon2Tenant & Owner Authorization Form